Thanks Rick

The students enjoyed it so much and parents have come up to me saying how they haven’t stopped talking about it. It was a great inspiration for their writing and information source for their project. I hope you continue with the program.

Thanks again

Hi Rick. The resource kit is wonderful, we use it quite a bit for school projects i.e borders, and stuff like that. I use quite a lot of the clip art pics for work, as a way to Indigenous resources or flyers that I’m doing.

I may buy another as a gift for my neice for Christmas.
Thankyou Kylie

Hi Rick,

We had an amazing day last Thursday and the students have been able to make connections between what you have taught them and what we have been reading in fiction and non fiction texts, for example the Rainbow Serpent, which we have read a few times this term. We also love our mural and we hope to see a picture of it in the Western Times next week. I have forwarded your name onto my last school on the Sunshine Coast as i loved the hands on learning experiences. I hope we can get you back here next year! Take care

Dear Rick,

I’m so sorry I missed you on Wednesday. – when I came to say goodbye and pay you, everyone had gone.Thanks again for a fantastic presentation at convention. It was all I hoped for. Best wishes,

Thank You so much for today. You are a legend how you handled such large groups of students. I promise next year to split the groups. Anyways back to you, the children and teachers all gave positive feedback to your demonstration.

Dear Rick
I would like to again thank-you. The children enjoyed the interaction and took away lots of useable information on Aboriginal Culture and mementos. I will be in contact with you over the next week regarding resources.Look forward to talking to you then.

Hey Rick,
Sorry buddy, I had to dash away for a couple of minutes of Sunday afternoon and by the time I got back, you were gone. Just wanted to say thank you for such a great week. Your knowledge and abilities are beyond extraordinary. It was a true marvel and privelidge to watch you at work.

Hi Rick,
Thanks for that fantastic experience you shared with us. I really enjoyed the experiences, and I loved being able to try things for myself. That beautiful fish you did on my arm lasted for 3 days (although the fins on my fingers came off when I washed the dishes that night). I showed all my friends and they loved it as well. Thank-you so much for that privilege.I hope to see you again next year for NADOC week.

Dear Rick

I didn’t really know what to expect from the day but I have to say I enjoyed the activities immensely. I absolutely admired your ability to make fire within minutes. One thing is for sure, I am not going to try getting on the Survivor!!! Thank you for making yourself available for the day and that you have imparted some of the Indigenous traditions to us. It was a fantastic and fun day!! I hope we will you see next year, too!

Hello Rick,You are an absolute gem! Everyone was very happy from the State Librarian to invited guests and as I was here again over the weekend, a lot of people have been asking when you will be here again!

Dear Rick,Thanks again for a fantastic presentation at convention. It was all I hoped for. Best wishes.

Library Services Department of Education and the Arts: Review

This rescource kit contains many Aboriginal images (suitable for clip art, stationary and colouring in), three video vignettes demonstrating the making of Aboriginal artifacts and a series of essays on aspects of culture. It provides downloadable support material for integrated unitsof work on indigenous cultures.

The contents page of this CD that has been produced by Brisbane born Artist, Rick Roser, is attractively organised for easy access to the various documents. Roser makes available an extensive collection of images from his artwork for use by educational and other non-commercial organisations. These include photographs demonstrating stencil art as well as examples of public art in which he has been involved. The art images include various traditional styles, such as x-ray and dot paintings, as well as some more contemporary clip art images. Students and teachers will find these useful in many applications such as worksheets, projects and power point presentations. Roser’s narration of the short videos on basket making, stone axe making and painting with ochre is clear and easy to follow. Students will be keen to try the activities for themselves.
Written instructions are included for these activites and boomerang throwing can be printed. The CD also includes a number of essays, presumably written by Roser, on aspects of Aboriginal culture including protocols when working with indigenous communities, kinship and trade. The written information is delivered in the chatty and straightforward manner that would have benefitted from further editing and referencing.

System requirements;
Adobe reader, Macromedia Flash.
(Supplied on CD)

Reviewer: Library Services Department of Education and the Arts
Rating: XX OZ
Curriculum Areas: Studies of society and environment; The Arts
Descriptors: Aboriginal Peoples; Art; Aboriginal; Clip art
Suitable for: Middle Primary; Upper Primary; Lower Primary; Lower Secondary

…..Thank you it has been my pleasure.


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