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String making – materials & DVD

hibiscustiliaceus To accompany the String making component of the Indigenous Resources Pack

To accompany the String making component of the Indigenous Resources Pack
String  Making Activity
Hibiscus Bark fibre to accompany DVD: The Aboriginal Art Of String Making With Rick Roser
Native Hibiscus bark; Hiibiscus tiliaceus.. Cottonwood; Currajong
Native to Coastal Australia & Hinterland
Always Dampen  before use.
 Hibiscus-flower Hibiscus-image Native Hibiscus Hibiscus hibiscustiliaceus2 hibiscustiliaceus hibiscusbark hibiscusstringfibre hibiscus

Usually Supplied is Native Hibiscus bark – Cotton wood –Hibiscus tiliaceus

Soak and allow to semi dry. Dampen again before use.
roll a few strips with your left palm on your left leg to twist them.
P.S. String pieces, and even just the fibre strips look great painted alternately with red and white ochre fingerprints and with emu feathers and beeswax decorations  at either end.
I would…
Get out a piece of fibre for every one, dampen it, hand it out and watch the String making DVD•••••
Cotton wood –Hibiscus tiliaceus
Shrubby tree with pretty yellow flowers 3 to 5 metres high.
They may bloom year-round and the yellow flowers do taste like sweet lettuce. The leaves are tough, barely edible unless well steamed but can be used to wrap food for cooking.
The outer bark peels off as a tough layer leaving the inner bark in long strips. It has a thick, tasteless, gooey sap and has to be either washed vigorously in running water or usually staked or weighted down and left in waves or in a creek for a day or two.
For string making purposes it is excellent.
When the fibres are being spun they must be damp and flexible.
Very strong string for bags, fishing line, Bark canoes, Rafts..
Wattle and Fig bark are alternatives, and Brown Currajong which has gooey sap, like cotton tree but is very good, worth the effort.
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