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This is the Yellow Ochre X Kg. page

White and Red ochre are also available

Free Post in Australia

$110 Kg.(inc GST)

Yellow ochre …………… Red ochre


 loves Concrete, Sandstone, Paper and Canvas etc,

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Use regular sealants… PVA, Clear sprays, Hairspray etc.

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Kaolin based, natural earth ochres.

Traditionally, wattle tree sap mixed with warm water was and is a very good binder, 

The best modern binder is pva (ordinary wood glue, it’s white and dries clear, from hardware or craft stores…
Mix it about 5 to one with water…to the consistency of milk… in a small bottle.

It is the standard for ochre if you want it to stick permanently
Add it to the ochre and stir til the ochre is like paint. Let it sit for a few minutes to soak in. Stir it occasionally
Top up with binder from time to time as it dries out…and occasionally add some fresh water.

Try to mix only what you will need to start,
It is easy to use too much….Too thick a mixture, it gives great texture and depth

but really for the colour you only need a paint mix, not a concrete mix.

For any loose rough surface give it a coat of the PVA and water mix as a primer.

Keep ochre and glue mix watered down and sealed when not in use or it will set hard.

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also… Ochre gift packs.            AAAnewochre-for-ebay

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