School Workshops

School Workshops

Storytelling/Oral NarrativeĀ is an integral part of each activity.
Followed by hands on engagement
Recommended activities in the workshops :
  • Ochre Painting//Face//old shirts………………………….. using Ochres
  • Emu Feather Headdresses…………..using Ochres, Beeswax, Feathers
  • Fire Making………………………………………using traditional fire sticks
  • Boomerang and Spear throwing ………………………..using a woomera
  • Didjeridoo Workshops………………. includes how to circular breathe

Each individual activity takes approx 15 mins

Story telling and Cultural Information, references to Dreamtime stories and comparable European legends, scientific and historic facts are all a part of the workshops.

The above is a typical 45/60 minute session

Also available for reference, inclement weather, other

  • String Making/Baskets/Nets………………… using Natural Fibres.
  • Stone Tool Making ……………………sing flint, basalt & local rock.
  • Bush Shelter
  • Bush Cooking… prep……….. (+ Fish /Emu/ Kangaroo/Firewood)

PLUS—Murals, Installations, Bush Gardens(+Materials)

This first hand experience enables students and teachers to gather real information while the authentic Indigenous tools and materials that are provided are in themselves a fascinating display to people of all ages and nationalities offering great insight into our vast Aboriginal heritage.



Each individual activity takes approx 15 mins

Students break up into groups of 2 or 4 and are given the necessary materials.
The firemaking activity is used to link all the activities
I give a detailed demonstration and then the groups set to work. I start with fire making , show how it’s done then invite the student groups to have a go.

(Don’t worry only I can rub 2 sticks together so hard they make a spark, then catch that spark in a handful of dry grass and puff on it to make a fire, but everyone loves to have a try and there is a full discussion about safety and a Risk Assessment Available)

For younger students there is a Dreamtime story which has been universally loved for generations, about the coming of fire, acted out and retold using firesticks as the main characters and props….Apparently it’s pretty fantastic, and I do it really well, but so I should after 50 odd years…

10 – 15 mins

After a while I call a break and introduce the different coloured Ochres, demonstrate their properties, meaning, discuss their history.

Any volunteers who don’t mind getting “a little bit messy”?? All the hands go up. Pick 2 and story telling relate through ochre face painting, hair dressing/emu feather decorations. The Emu Dreamtime story about the land and the spirit.

Anyone else want to do that?…a resounding yes and so we start with the first colour.

Then after a demo of how to make and apply the Emu feather and Beeswax hair decorations in their groups with plenty of materials the kids make their own…After each person is painted they go back and have another go at the fire making or make more emu feather and beeswax hair decorations or ochre.
15 – 20 mins

Then out to the oval and I show the boomerangs, different throws, huting methods etc and the use of a woomera to throw a spear a long way.

Depending on conditions, some/all students may take a turn at throwing the boomerang or spears… 5 mins or 20 mins

If time permits we finish with didgeridoo playing 10 mins
Teacher/curriculum requirements most welcome

Community involvement is often a feature of the workshops and permanent artworks; Murals, Sculpture & Artefacts have been created.

(and Great B.B.Qs, morning teas etc)
A Typical Time Table is 5 X 1 hour sessions, or 6 X 45 minute
Or as you require : Prep to Gr 12/Special

The workshops are usually located in an undercover outdoor area close to the oval.

Hands on workshops are best suited to single or double class sizes …with teachers present. Multiple class sizes are best suited to Demonstrations.

Aboriginal Artist Rick Roser
Indigenous Studies activities
Hands on School Workshops

Please book now: Email Rick Roser

Standard Cost is $990+gst per day
$550+gst 2 Hr Session (or 2 X 1 hr)
Travel costs may apply

Thank you for taking the time to read through all this,

I do hope you find this outline of interest and look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Rick Roser

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