Indigenous School Resources PACK

Indigenous Resources for Teachers and Students.

Ready to go engaging Projects with materials.



1 x 4Lt. containers of Ochre- around 3 Kilos in multiple resealable containers and 3 Ochre Gift packs.
Plus- the DVD The Aboriginal Art of Ochre Painting


1 x 4Lt. Container of Emu feathers

2 x containers of Beeswax

1 x 4Lt. container of Wattle or Native Hibiscus or Fig Tree Bark for string making
-Plus the DVD The Aboriginal Art of String Making

1 x 4Lt. container of Stone tools inc.
Flakes, Hammer stones, Anvil stones,
Small Hafted Stone Axe samples and sample handles, Beeswax and raw materials-
Plus the Cd- The Aboriginal Art & Culture Resources Kit that has instructions and much more.

5 x Returning boomerangs
1 x Message stick
1 x  Clap stick projects

1 x Black Wattle Digging Stick

1 x Black Wattle Digging Stick or clap sticks Project

5 x sets of Firesticks
Plus – The DVD The Aboriginal Art of Fire Making

Piccabean Basket, an easy to replicate example with materials.

Full Colour Manual/Instruction Book with Colour in Book and Printouts.

Rolling Storage container.



Fire sticks
Create fire using traditional Aboriginal materials and methods.

Ochre Painting & Emu Feather Hair Decorations

Stone Tools
Make a stone axe using traditional Aboriginal materials and methods.

String & Basket making
Make a Leaf Basket and see first hand its elegant design and strength.

Stone axe making

Cross curriculum skills learned, and problems solved learning this age old skill, laying a foundation from day one for ongoing projects or one off activities.

  • Tools and Technology Natural Resources and Material culture
  • Record the process with text and images
  • Keep the stone axe and use them over a period of time.
  • Refer to their progress and acknowledge Indigenous culture.

.. useful as a reference across the curriculum. A very easy way to get kids to learn… they have to read the instructions and look at the pictures, watch the movie, the number of times the axe is ground on each side, how many folds for the basket, not to mention co operating…

Basket Making

Beautiful Baskets created and valuable skills learned using readily available materials with helpful realistic and fully printable, colour, step by step instructions.
This type of basket can be made in less than 10 minutes and can last for years. The colour photos and printable instructions provide an insight into traditional basket making that shows the whole process from collection of materials and alternatives to a beautiful finished basket made from a large palm leaf, sheet of bark or even cardboard.

Traditional uses are identified and the activity can be by small groups or individually.

Contains enough information for an immediate group, class or individual session.
Delivery could be in the bush, the garden, classroom
in groups or independently, finish samples and you have a beautiful basket.



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