Indigenous School Incursion

Indigenous school incursions


Grad.Dip. Art Education
Indigenous Presentations, Performances, Installations & Resources
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…. Rick Roser
Over 30 years experience presenting Indigenous workshops in Qld schools,
Great for engaging kids from the first school days right through to the last week of High school.
Students learn real skills in a such a memorable way and the activities are invaluable as Indigenous references across the curriculum.

All materials supplied, all hands on – fully accredited & perfectly safe…
Big shells of ochres, millions of emu feather hair decorations, scores of firemaking sticks, didgeridoos, boomerangs, spears, clap sticks…all the good things, what’s not to love?….a positive introduction to real Indigenous skills and culture shared and evaluated in a relaxed but controlled learning environment.

Aboriginal Activities available in the workshops..
Ochre Painting//Face/Hair/Arms/old T Shirts using Ochres,
Emu Feather Headdresses    using Ochres, Beeswax, Feathers,
Fire Making                                        using traditional fire sticks
Boomerang and Spear throwing              using a woomera
Didjeridoo Workshops                       includes how to circular breathe

                            Story telling and Cultural Information from Shelter to Cooking etc.
All materials are supplied
The workshops are best located in an undercover outdoor area close to the oval.
Students might break up into groups of 2,3 or 4. Most 15 minute or so hands on activities…then we move on to the next activity and so on.
Cost from $440 per session to $990 per day
Travel costs may apply

All hands on, with strong cross curricular links, and very positive, long lasting, even spectacular outcomes…

A few of my art and artefacts have been collected by National and State Galleries, Museums etc. and the tools and materials provided at the hands on workshops are in themselves a fascinating display to people of all ages and backgrounds, and offer great insight into our vast Aboriginal heritage.

Activities available in the workshops are :

OCHRE PAINTING with real Ochres and Emu Story

FIRE MAKING  with Fire Sticks

EMU FEATHER HAIR DECORATIONS to accompany the Ochre painting

BOOMERANG Throwing and SPEAR  throwing with a Woomera



                            Story telling and Cultural Information with all workshops to illustrate the many  interrelationships between Aboriginal art, customs, skills and storytelling, science, technology, numeracy and literacy, even music and fashion

Alternatives/Back up for Inclement Weather/Circumstances etc…

DIDGERIDOO WORKSHOPS includes how to make the sounds and circular breathe

String Making Workshops with Natural fibres

Stone Tool Making

Folded Leaf Baskets with Picca (Bangalow) palm leaves

Also Murals, Installations, Bush Tucker Gardens , Shelters, Kangaroo Skins, and Bush Cooking (Needs Prep + Fish/Roo etc+$200)


Further info below..                   

… Timetable any configuration that your school : 5 X 1hr, 2 X 45 minute sessions, preps might double up etc.

Each individual activity takes approx 15 mins so there are usually 4 activities to a 1hr.session.

All materials are supplied

The workshops are best located in an undercover outdoor area close to the oval.
Students might break up into groups of 4. Demonstrations & Instructions may include references to Dreamtime stories, comparable European legends, scientific and historic facts…After about 15 minutes we move on to the next activity and so on.

COST              $500 per session +gst ( -2 Hrs Single/Double class)
                         $900 (Per Day) + gst 

All materials supplied (Travel costs may apply)           

Thank you for taking the time to read through all this,
I do hope you find this outline of interest and look forward to hearing from you.

All the Best
Rick Roser

Further info…

Re: Ochre, the workshops cover ochre painting and start with the Emu dreaming story telling, where one volunteer (then everybody if they want–and they will insist) gets their face painted in 2 colours.
Giving an insight into the development of rituals and traditions, story telling. Ochre is like talcum powder and brushes out….Wear an old shirt to get it painted with Ochre!!!  Great designs for faces/hands/arms/hair/Tshirts etc.

Re: Hair decorations…Exquisite Emu feathers, Beeswax and Ochre hair decorations applied as a Dreamtime story progresses, controlled and fun. Children keep the emu feather head dress and all may be painted up.

Re: Fire making,  Only I can rub two sticks together so fast I make a tiny spark, and then catch that spark in a pinch of puffed up grass, and coax it into a tiny flame. But everyone likes to try…Not a chance…$200… reward…Fully accredited and perfectly safe.
Can also incorporate an acted out story that culminates with a spark of fire, great story telling session especially for the younger audience…

Re: Boomerangs show our first attempts to fly. A variety of hunting, returning, hook boomerangs are shown and demonstrated, different throws and their use for hunting or different conditions etc.
Plenty of boomerangs, one person at a time to throw only when I say Neext!. and Kids have to behave if they want to throw the boomerang

Re: Spear & Woomera…a Spectacular example of a simple invention and technology making a huge increase of power. Show our use of science and technology to increase our physical abilities.

Re: Didgeridoos -, wait til you hear them practicing the Frog song. About 50 + PVC water pipe didges …the nylon ones sound better – and everyone can play.

Also available
Aboriginal Art&Culture Resources Kit on Cd
Aboriginal Art of Ochre Painting on DVD
Aboriginal Art of String Making on DVD
Aboriginal Art of Fire Making on DVD

Storytelling is a part of each session



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