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 Piccabean Folded Leaf Basket Component

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Make a Leaf Basket and see first hand its elegant design and strength.

Baskets made from big folded leaves
This activity is about the leaf basket made from a palm leaf.

Literacy…Numeracy…Arts, Technology, Science… useful as a reference across the curriculum. A very easy way to get kids to learn… it’s so interesting full colour instructions and movie.

Piccabean leaf baskets are traditional to the Aboriginees of the Moreton Bay region on the East Coast of Queensland Australia.

They are made from a single leaf and were used to carry water and fruits and berries and other food gathered by women and children. 

Comprehensive printed instructions, full colour illustrated work sheets
and Mini-Movie Full colour : 5min.duration

Great for all ages and skill levels.

This type of basket can be made in less than 10 minutes……
and can last for years. The colour photos and printable instructions provide an insight
into traditional basket making that shows the whole process from collection of materials to a beautiful finished basket made from a large palm leaf, sheet
of bark or alternative materials even cardboard.

Traditional uses are identified and the activity can be undertaken by groups or individually.

Contains enough information for an immediate group, class or individual session.
Delivery could be inside or outside classroom

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